Tree Plantation Paragraph All Classes - August 2023

Answer These Questions About Tree Plantation

(a) What does a tree do for us?

(b) What happens if there are no trees?

(c) What are the effects of losing trees?

(d) How can we make the earth greener, cleaner and safer?

(e) What is the role of humans in protecting trees and increasing forests?

Paragraph Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation Paragraph is very important for every student for class 3 to 12. In this post we should try to cover the paragraph tree plantation for all students like paragraph tree plantation for JSC, paragraph tree plantation for SSC, paragraph tree plantation for HSC, and more. If you like this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Do you have a question Comment below…

Tree Plantation Paragraph For Class 3 To 5 Students

The tree is our best friend. Trees not only beautify nature, but also prevent soil erosion, prevent flooding and protect life and resources by preventing storms. Trees are immensely important in protecting our climate. Without trees, the whole world could be a desert. Trees provide oxygen for life. Trees are planted around our houses, along roads, in parks, in gardens, along railway lines, on waste land and on every vacant lot. Plants are very important for our environment. Plants help us in many ways. Plants give us flowers and fruits. They provide shade when the sun is intense. Plants help prevent rainfall and soil erosion. Trees enhance natural beauty. We should plant trees to protect our environment.

Tree plantation paragraph Class 6-7 (150 words)

The systematic planting of trees on a large scale is called tree planting. Trees are very important to our daily lives in many ways. Trees fulfill our nutritional needs by providing fruits and vitamins. The wood used to make everyday goods and furniture comes from trees. Trees prevent soil erosion. A variety of medicines are made from the leaves, roots and bark of trees. We need oxygen to breathe, and this oxygen is supplied by trees. Plants keep our environment healthy by absorbing toxic carbon dioxide gas. Trees play a big role in maintaining our ecological balance. Ecological balance is a healthy and harmonious relationship between animate and inanimate matter in the environment. Plants help us maintain this balance by providing shelter and oxygen to animals and plants. Without plants, our life would not exist. It is said that a land must be 25% forested to maintain ecological balance. A land without trees becomes a desert where no living thing can live. So planting trees is vital for us. They can be planted along roadsides, near educational institutions, and in any open space. For our own sake, we should plant more trees.

Tree Plantation Paragraph For Class 8 Students

To define tree planting, we can say another name for planting trees is tree planting. Trees are very important for life. Our existence without trees is unimaginable. Trees are used in various ways in our daily life. We need oxygen to survive. Trees provide us with this oxygen. They give us food and fruits. We get food from the fruits. We get wood from trees. With the help of this wood, we make houses, furniture, boats, launches, ships, etc. When trees are planted along rivers and beaches, soil erosion can be prevented. This helps to preserve and balance the environment. Without trees, the earth becomes a desert. Many medicines are made from the leaves, roots and bark of trees. However, compared to the total area of our country, the vegetation and forests are insufficient. Moreover, some stingy people destroy the forest by cutting trees for self-interest. This destruction has serious effects on our environment. And when the balance of the environment is disturbed, parasitic creatures like us gradually disappear. It is hoped that the government, in cooperation with various donor organizations, will carry out tree planting activities every year. We must be aware of the importance of planting trees, as well as the government.

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One More, Tree plantation paragraph for class 8 (250 words)

Tree planting refers to planting more trees throughout the land. A happy and peaceful life is not possible without trees. Some people recklessly cut down trees everywhere. They do not think that destroying trees destroys the ecosystem. The result is that our land becomes a whole desert. This can lead to problems such as flooding, soil erosion, lack of rain, etc. This poses a great threat to our ecosystem. Trees play an important role in our daily life. We need oxygen to survive. Trees provide us with this oxygen. They provide us with food and fruits. They also provide us with shelter. From trees we obtain wood and without wood we cannot make household furniture, boats, launches, ships, etc. If trees are planted on the banks of rivers and seas, erosion can be prevented. It also prevent air pollution. Trees protect the land from harmful greenhouse effect. The higher areas of river valleys are suitable for growth and development of afforestation. Beaches, lowlands and wastelands can be reforested with certain tree species suitable for the soil. June-July is the best time for planting. We should plant more trees to protect the environment. Reforestation programs should be extended to remote areas of the country. The officials involved in this program should take the necessary steps and measures to make it successful. The government should take necessary steps to encourage people to plant trees. The need and importance of trees can never be ignored. So it is our duty to plant more trees and take care of them for our own well-being and existence.

Paragraph Tree Plantation For Class 9 Students

The need for trees in our lives is immense. We survive by taking oxygen from trees. Trees are a very important element of our environment and one of the forest resources. We consume the leaves, fruits and seeds of the tree as food. Our clothes are made by extracting fibers from trees. Our houses and furniture are made of wood that comes from trees. Our much needed writing materials are made from paper and pencil wood. Our medicine is also made from this tree. Trees regulate the temperature in the living world by providing shade. Trees in forest trees condense water vapor, causing precipitation. By absorbing dioxygen gas from the atmosphere, the tree releases atomic number 8, which humans and other animals ingest for respiration. The number of trees is insignificant compared to the limitless need to balance the materials and environment of various types of industries. Each of us should participate in planned tree planting. Each of us must plant at least two trees every year to bring prosperity to the country’s economy and public life. A treeless environment is a serious threat to life and livelihood. If we can take appropriate measures, unbridled deforestation should be stopped immediately. We should plant trees regularly. If we collectively adopt the slogan ‘Let’s plant trees, save the environment', our tree population will increase and the environment will be beautiful.

Tree plantation paragraph for class 9 and 10 (SSC) 300 words

The life of every animal on earth, including man, is directly or indirectly related to trees. Trees have made this land habitable, they provide important food for animals and above all they maintain the ecological and climatic balance of the Earth. So there is no alternative to planting trees to maintain the natural balance. It is desirable for every country to have at least 25 percent forest area on its mainland. But in comparison, the forest area in Bangladesh is only 16 percent of the total area. Even in such a situation, we often kill trees in the surrounding area indiscriminately and without any reason. Thus, we are moving towards an inevitable end. The environment in Bangladesh today has become a victim of pollution. As a result, it rains too much or not at all. Every year Bangladesh is hit by flash floods, landslides and cyclones. The climate in this country is gradually moving toward extremes. Perhaps Bangladesh will turn into a desert in the future. And without trees it is not possible to stop the greenhouse effect. The depletion of the ozone layer and global warming may cause the coastal areas of Bangladesh to be flooded when the sea level rises. Therefore, planting or developing tree stands is related to our existence. Public and private efforts are required to effectively implement the goals of forest expansion and protection. However, some of the tasks to be accomplished in this regard are – preventing free and indiscriminate cutting of forests, planting new saplings and taking necessary care of them, enforcing laws to prevent cutting of immature trees, establishing social forestry in new areas, organizing tree fairs, etc. Only if the tree planting campaign can be carried out with the concerted efforts of all these, our country including Bangladesh will become habitable again.

One More, Tree Plantation Paragraph For SSC Exam 2023

The tree is our greatest friend. Trees not only contribute to natural beauty, but also prevent erosion, flooding, and protect life and property by preventing storms. The role of trees in climate change mitigation is also enormous. Without trees, the planet would be a desert. Trees keep America alive by providing gas. For this reason, the tree is called the precursor to life. The need for trees in our daily lives is enormous. Trees are an indispensable part of the environment and one of the most important forest resources. We tend to use the leaves, fruits and seeds of the tree as food. Our clothes are made by extracting fibers from trees. Our houses and furnishings are made of wood that comes from trees. Our much needed writing materials are made from paper and pencil made from wood. Our medicines are also made from this tree. Trees regulate the temperature of the kingdom by providing shade. The shade of the tree does not allow the soil water to evaporate easily. Intensive forest trees condense water vapor causing precipitation. By absorbing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, the tree releases gasses that humans and other animals for respiration. Once upon a time, the natural fantastic of the tree-covered areas and our forests attracted foreign tourists. The fulfillment of our desires brings comfort in life. As unfortunate as it is, these days that is no longer the case. The number of mango, jackfruit, betel nut and coconut plantations in East Pakistan has gradually reduced to almost zero. The number of our trees is insignificant compared to the countless ones needed to balance the materials and environment for the various forms of industry. In every case, they need it, despite obstacles that we can hardly imagine. Each nation must plant at least 2 trees to help the economy and public life of the country prosper. The forested environment can be a threat to life and resources. Therefore, uncontrolled deforestation must be stopped to meet the growing scarcity of these resources. In addition, we must always remember to increase the planting of trees. If we tend to take to heart together the motto ‘Let’s plant trees, save the environment', then our tree population can grow, and the environment is also beautiful.

One More Tree plantation paragraph for class 12 or HSC (350 words)

To initiate a campaign to conquer the green world and secure life on earth planting as many trees as possible refers to tree planting. We are an overpopulated country that has no significant value of land. Although we have 17% of our land area covered with trees, this is not ideal. Apart from this, the greedy society is cutting down trees on a whim to make money. Trees are an essential part of nature and the ecosystem. Therefore, the existence of life on earth without trees is unimaginable. Indiscriminate deforestation endangers nature. Biodiversity and environment are threatened. According to environmental scientists, deforestation is the reason for the deterioration of the environment worldwide. The relationship between life and the environment is inseparable. To sustain life, the balance of the environment must be maintained. Trees increase the amount of water in the soil by providing rain through the production of water vapour. They also protect the land from erosion by rivers and increase soil fertility by preventing soil erosion. They also play a unique role in protecting the earth from natural disasters. Trees absorb carbon dioxide released by animals from the bosom of nature and return life-giving oxygen to nature. The terrible consequences of deforestation can be seen around the world today. Melting ice in the polar regions will cause sea water levels to rise, and the frequency of floods, hurricanes, and high tides will greatly increase. Due to the depletion of the ozone layer caused by greenhouse gases, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will penetrate the earth and cause various diseases in humans and animals. Therefore, in order to protect the balance of the environment, it is now essential to plant a sufficient number of trees to create a livable environment. Planting trees is essential to restore the coolness of tree shade in harsh urban areas. Tree planting and maintenance programmes should be implemented with well-planned government and private support. People should be encouraged to plant trees wherever there is vacant land. The general public will only feel the urge to plant trees when they become aware of the horrors of ecological imbalance.

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